Tenants and residents groups meetings

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A series of tenants and residents association meetings (TRAs) are being held across the Dudley Borough during the month of September.

Dudley Council believes in the importance of tenants and residents groups and actively supports and encourages their involvement with the running of their estates. 

As part of our pledge to be a community council through our Love Your Community campaign we are keen to engage and consult with local people about what matters to them.

The groups discuss many issues relating to their estates and discuss ideas of how they can help to make improvements to enrich resident’s lives.

Details and dates of tenant and resident meetings

Anyone who wishes to attend the meetings should telephone 01384 815168 to ensure the meeting is still taking place, as they may be subject to change.

Residents are also reminded to sign up to the community council e-bulletin, by visiting community.council@dudley.gov.uk with their postcode and house number so they can ensure they receive local news from where they live.



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