BCPC Innovative Learning Opportunity – Share IT! for providers

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Message from Black Country Partnership for Care…….

Black Country Partnership for Care is dedicated to working with people to achieve excellence in health and social care across the Black Country.

We are proud to present our Information and Assistive Technology sharing programme – Share IT – developed with employers, for employers and their service users. This innovative programme will develop your staff into Champions; enhancing their confidence and giving them the ability to cascade the information and learning to colleagues and service users.

In a technologically ever-changing and challenging environment, your willingness to evolve and embrace new technologies for the benefit of your service users will enhance your organisation’s reputation as a proactive and forward-thinking establishment.

IT Programme for People who Care to Share with People who Matter

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What next?

Please call 01902 551083 to register your interest and sign up for the fully funded event to help you find more about the programme and select the right people to benefit from this programme.

Who is it for?

• People in your team who have a basic awareness of IT

• Staff who are enthusiastic but lack confidence to share their IT knowledge with service users

• Colleagues who have the potential to become Champions, but need support to achieve this.

What will it do?

• Provide the skills a nd confidence to cascade IT and Assistive Technology awareness to colleagues and service users.

What is available?

• Support for your staff to identify what they can achieve from the course

•Skills scan to determine your staff’s level of ability and confidence

• 4 innovative modules covering topics such as:

  • Enhancing basic IT skills, use of the internet, email, and relevant software
  • The benefits and use of appropriate Assistive Technology
  • Knowledge of etiquette, safe practices and procedures when using IT
  • Effective methods of passing on knowledge with confidence and ability
  • The benefits of accessible online resources and leaning tools.

Where is it?

The workshops are at venues across the Black Country from November 2014 (see attached list of dates and venues)

What is the cost?

The Share IT programme is fully-funded, but there will be a penalty incurred if the course is not completed.

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