Black Country Partnerhip for Care appoints Helen Wilcox as chair

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Last week Black Country Partnership for Care (BCPC) announced that Helen Wilcox has been appointed the new Chair of BCPC.

Helen has been a staunch supporter of BCPC since its inception, and her support and hands-on approach is much appreciated by the team. As the director of Woodford Homecare & Support Services, Helen believes that managers must be empowered to deliver services that are safe, effective, responsive, caring, well led and able to inspire their staff to really care and make a difference to the lives of people they support. She is passionate about social care and believes that the most effective way to drive up standards of care is by valuing those who work in the sector as quality care and support is predicated on a capable, competent and valued workforce. Critically, her focus is on securing for them learning opportunities and qualifications as well as the recognition, status and rewards that are their due.

Helen is positive, energetic, with a reputation for “walking the talk”, and inspiring others to collaborate and find innovative ways to drive up standards especially in these economically challenged times. Helen also exercises a strategic Social Care leadership role in West Midlands and, nationally, as the Vice Chair Skills for Care, England.

BCPC summer newsletter is now out

Read more about BCPC on their website



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