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The Commission on the Future of the Home Care Workforce is being chaired by Paul Burstow, MP and supported by LGiU and Mears to examine the issues around developing and sustaining an empowered and valued workforce for high quality home care. We’ll be looking at how local authorities and care providers can do more to provide suitable employment contracts to support the best care in people’s home. The call for evidence is open now.

The Commission is inviting responses from local authorities, government departments, professional bodies and unions, service providers, service users and their representative bodies and individuals with a stake in improving workforce matters.

  • What would an ideal home care workforce would look like?
  • What keeps us from having that ideal workforce now?
  • How can we get past existing barriers to achieve a workforce that can deliver high quality care in people’s homes?

The Commission is particularly keen on hearing about:

  • Outcome focus and innovation
  • Zero hours contracts
  • Terms and conditions
  • Travel to work pay
  • Skills
  • Staff churn and care consistency
  • Effective care commissioning
  • The interaction between home care workers and the user’s social support network

Findings to be published in Autumn 2014.


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