Do you run a micro service? Do you use services provided by microproviders? Event 9 January 2015

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Community Catalysts has been asked by the national body Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) as part of a bigger project, to explore what is already happening and what needs to be developed around the Care Act which became law in May this year giving local authorities new duties. Specifically, Helen Allen on behalf of Community Catalysts has been asked to look at  Clause Five of the Care Act – market shaping ( to help people get the choice and control they need to have a good life.)

There are 4 national focus groups taking place to look at this on a wider scale but Helen’s specific remit is to work in 2 areas where there has been (and still is)  a commitment to developing the  market by helping people set up micro –enterprises, small local provider..

You may or may not know that Community Catalysts worked with Dudley Council on the original Micro- provider Project co-ordinated by Lorna Reid, now employed by the Council, to co-ordinate the work. Community Catalysts continue to work nationally through local authorities in the same way to support local people to set up small services to help other people have a range of options so they can get the support that is right for them.  For this piece of work they wanted to highlight the great outcomes that were achieved in Dudley (and continue to be!) and Matt Bowsher, Assistant Director for adult, community and housing services, Dudley Council  was keen for this to take place.

Helen is planning to meet with commissioners, micro- providers and people who use services to explore:

  • What do ‘market’ and choice mean locally  in the context of the Care Act?
  • What commissioning practices have helped to support the development of micro-enterprise in Dudley?
  • What commissioning practices have built unintentional barriers to micro-enterprise and how could these be/have these been addressed?

The meeting will take place on 9th January from 10.15 am – 1pm at the Queens Cross Centre DY1 1RB for micro- providers commissioners and people who use services which will inform the work. At the end of this Community Catalysts hope to develop ideas and materials to support local authorities to ensure they are undertaking their duties under the Care Act that allow for market diversity and choice.

If you run a micro enterprise or use services, please come along and contribute your experience, ideas and thoughts. Just let  Helen know by 3rd Jan 2015 that you would like to attend by emailing her at or ring her on 07912842552

In terms of twitter there are conversations going on using #careactchoice that covers all aspects of this work.

Helen Allen

Manager of Enterprise and Community Innovation

Community Catalysts C.I.C.

Copthall Bridge House, Station Bridge

Harrogate, HG1 1SP


T: 01423 790126

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M: 07912 842552





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