Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group need your opinions on Urgent Care Services

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Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group need your opinions on Urgent Care Services across the borough

Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group is responsible for commissioning (buying) healthcare for every person registered with a Dudley GP. Until 24th December 2013 we are asking for your views and opinions on urgent care in the borough. When we talk about urgent care services, we mean services such as the Walk in Centre, appointments with your own GP, the NHS 111 telephone service,  Accident & Emergency and the ambulance service.

We think by changing how our urgent care system works we can improve healthcare and make better use of the resources  we have available. We would like to introduce a new system where people are seen in an Urgent Care Centre (located by the Accident and Emergency department) to make sure people are seen in the right place. This will help people to get the right treatment first time.

To find out more about the consultation and proposals or to share your views, or if you would like the team to talk to your group, either ring us on 01384 321297 or check the website for details at www.dudleyccg.nhs.uk .


  1. you should leave walk in centre open at holly hall no good moving it to russells hall hospital no room on car parks as it is nhs 111 useless just sends to hospital so might as well just go to a&e no one can diagnose without being seen

    • Thanks for the feedback I will forward your comments onto the CCG.

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