Dudley Council urges people to find out how changes to care and support may affect them

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Dudley council is urging people to find out how new care reforms may affect them when they come into effect from 1st April.

The key changes introduce a new focus on supporting people to remain independent and preventing or delaying the need for care. Carers will also have expanded rights to assessment and to council support if eligible. This will provide needed support to informal carers who play a vital role supporting people to live independently.

Other changes will introduce a new national eligibility threshold, providing peace of mind that wherever individuals live in the country, or plan to move to within England, if needs meet the threshold, they will be eligible for support.

Deferred payment agreements, which have been in place for a number of years in Dudley will become available across the country. These mean that while receiving care people should not have to sell their home to fund their care costs.

Cabinet member for adult social care councillor Dave Branwood said: “We are committed to supporting local people with their needs for care and support. In Dudley we already have a good reputation of working with people who use services, carers, as well as with our partners in health and the community. For more than two years our ‘Making in Real’ partnership has been transforming adult social care in Dudley, by making sure people have choice and control over how they receive support, based on prevention, on promoting independence, better quality of life and personal budgets.

“The overarching challenge for us is how we will continue to meet increasing demand for care against a backdrop of reduced funding from central government. We are committed however to working closely with our partners to develop an integrated service across health and social care to deliver the right care, at the right time, in the right place.”

Residents can find out more information about the Care Act in Dudley at www.dudley.gov.uk/careact or telephone the Council’s Access to Adult Social Care service on 0300 555 0055.




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