Dudley Council’s Social Work Reform Board (for social workers) -Update

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Dudley Council’s Social Work Reform Board (for social workers) -Update

In recent years we have embraced a great deal of change around the transformation of social care involving personalisation, support planning, Making it Real in Dudley, and the Care Act 2014. Running alongside this has been the transformation of social work, that has seen the profession developing into a service fit for the new challenges.

Social Workers are now registered and accountable to the Health and Care Professionals Council. We have recently seen our first cohort of 17 newly qualified social workers successfully pass their Assessed & Supported Year in Employment (a pre-requisite for continuing practice), a new Professional Supervision policy has been implemented to support the continuing development of social workers and ensure that they practise safely. Our performance as an organisation employing social workers has also been the subject of an annual health check.

For more information contact: Principal Learning and Development Officer Bob Iles on 01384 814753




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