Dudley CVS new blog – People doing good stuff in Dudley!

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Dudley CVS new blog – People doing good stuff in Dudley!

DudleyCVS (Council for Voluntary Service) has launched a brand new blog. It’s aim is  to share inspiring stories of people in Dudley doing good stuff and how DCVS are supporting them.

Some really good examples of  communities and organisations making a difference.

Recent posts include:

  • Dudley CVS’s Building Blocks Award for the Side by Side theatre company for people with learning disabilities
  • Insight for Carers winning new Dudley Council contract to carry out carers assessments for carers of adults not receiving ongoing support from statutory services.
  • Woodside Crafts a social enterprise in King Street Dudley which is now open for business and is providing opportunites for people with ill health to enjoy and develop creative skills to produce items for sale.




  1. Thanks for sharing the launch of our blog. I hope your readers enjoy it if they take the opportunity to check it out.

    • Your welcome Lorna, agree its a great/inforamative read


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