Dudley CVS takes over Brierley Hill Civic Hall

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Dudley CVS has taken over the running of Brierley Hill Civic Hall – and plans are being formulated to make the venue an exciting hub and Brierley Hill a vibrant destination for entertainment and leisure.

Dudley MBC will still own the building and will continue to be responsible for staffing, insurance and maintenance. However, the new arrangement with Dudley CVS will generate significant cost savings and allow for greater flexibility and increased use of the building.

In the coming months, Dudley CVS will be speaking with current Civic Hall user groups, together with the wider community, organisations, businesses, colleges and the good people of Brierley Hill to develop a shared vision for the Civic Hall and explore what local people want from THEIR Civic Hall.

Dudley CVS envisages increased low-cost day-time usage for community and charitable activities, subsidised by diverse income generating events such as business conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, concerts, fayres and weddings.

Andy Gray, Dudley CVS Chief Officer, discussed the exciting prospects for the future of the Civic Hall at a recent meeting of Brierley Hill Civic Society.

Andy said “Although civic centres across the Dudley borough and beyond could be under threat due to local government budgetary constraints, this new approach could be an important opportunity to rejuvenate facilities and make them sustainable, community-owned hubs.”

Andy has opened discussion about the Civic Hall on the Dudley CVS blog and would like to hear from anyone interested in how activities could be developed there. Individuals, promoters, people with big ideas and the wider community can share how they could be involved, exchange ideas and comments at: www.tinyurl.com/n5aql2v

Source DCVS The Echo February edition


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