Dudley health chiefs recommend a well-stocked medicine cabinet this winter

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Dudley health chiefs recommend a well-stocked medicine cabinet this winter

Health Chiefs in Dudley are urging people to stock up their medicines cabinet for the festive period.

Over the Christmas period it may not be as easy to get a routine GP appointment at your local practice so health bosses are advising that keeping a well stocked medicine cabinet at home can help you treat many minor ailments, cuts and bruises.

Everyone in the household will have different requirements for a medicine cabinet, so make sure your medicine cabinet has the basic requirements in addition to additional items for example glucose tablets if there is a diabetic in your household.

The basic requirements for a medicine cabinet are listed below and if you are unsure your local pharmacist can advise you further:

You should have

  • Antacids for indigestion.
  • Antiseptic cream for cleaning cuts and      grazes
  • Aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen for      pain relief in adults
  • Paracetamol or ibuprofen syrup for      children.
  • Bandages, plasters and dressings
  • Basic first-aid manual
  • Cold or flu relief
  • Decongestant for adults and children
  • Thermometer

You may also find useful

  •  Cotton wool
  • Anti-diarrhoeal for stomach upsets
  • Adhesive tape for securing dressings
  • Cough medicines
  • Disposable gloves
  • Scissors with rounded edges
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Throat lozenges
  • Tweezers
  • Phone numbers to your clinic and      emergency numbers


It is vital you store medicines out of the reach of children and check any medicines that are already in your cabinet for their use by date.  These medicines can be taken to your pharmacist for safe disposal.

Always follow the instructions on your medicine and never exceed the stated dose.

If you do feel unwell, either see your pharmacist or contact NHS 111 for further advice

Dr Steve Mann, Clinical Lead, Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group said, “If you, a friend or a member of your family is ill during the holiday period it is important you know how to get the right care, advice and treatment as quickly as possible in order to save yourself time and inconvenience.

You can prepare for winter and the holiday period by knowing how to access the right care and advice, where possible using your GP practice for health care advice during routine hours

As well as services provided by your GP there is a range of other options such as local pharmacies, NHS 111 and Dudley Walk-in Centre.”

A&E is meant for real emergencies and saving lives.  We need to remember that A&E, dialling 999 or phoning an ambulance, are emergency services that should only be used in the event of a serious injury, or when someone shows the symptoms of critical illness.”


“The right NHS services are everywhere – we just need to stop and think – and then choose the right one.”

Our free Choose Well app is also available to download for iPhones and Androids for information about your nearest GP, walk-in centre, dentist, pharmacist and A&E department wherever you are in Dudley.


To find the App search Choose Well West Midlands


For more information contact Lindsey Harding on 01384 321677 or Lindsey.Harding@dudley.nhs.uk


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