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I am currently looking for possible places and groups of people who would be interested in any of our Eat Well courses for next year. 

Get Cooking: One day a week over 6 weeks a course designed to help develop skills to produce healthy affordable meals.  This will include advise on how to reduce risks of ill health and disease, as well what all those numbers mean on the back of the packs, why low fat, low sugar etc aren’t always as good for you as you think they are and much more.  Help to prepare and sample different food every week.  Maximum 12 -14 people.

Carry on Cooking: A follow on course, if interested, again for one day a week for 6 weeks.  This is more of a hands on course where you cook at least one (if not more) meals each class. Learning more about what you are cooking, the use of alternative ingredients, pick up new tips and ideas, plus much more. Maximum 12-14 people.

Master Classes: This is a one off class, taster session and demonstration.  Each one can be adapted to the clientele, in the past we have run course that for; one pot meals, simple meals, low sugar cooking for Diabetes etc.  This can be run for a much larger group of people.

All of these courses are suitable for people who have never cooked before to people who cook regular.  A great way to socialise and have a little fun.

We have all equipment, including hobs, needed, so if a kitchen is not at hand, we can adapt recipes and cooking to all that we have.

At the moment our main priority is for January to March, would you be interested and have a group that would like to get involved? All FREE of charge.

Though if you are interested after this time please also get in contact.

If you are interested or would like more information please do get in touch.

Eat Well new address April 2017 – HW

Source: Sabrina (Sam) Mullett – Health and Wellbeing, LEAP Over 50 Project Assistant

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