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The European health report 2015

The publication of the European health report every three years gives readers – including policy-makers, politicians, public health specialists and journalists – a vital snapshot of health in the WHO European Region and progress towards health and well-being for all. The report also shows trends in and progress towards the goals of Health 2020, the European health policy, and reveals some gaps in progress, inequalities and areas of concern and uncertainty, where action must be taken. This publication presents highlights from the 2015 European health report. It shows continuing improvements in health throughout the Region and decreases in some of the inequalities in health between countries, notably in life expectancy and infant mortality; nevertheless, these differences still amount to 11 years of life and 20 healthy babies per 1000 live births between the best- and worst-performing countries.


Source: The King’s Fund Health Management and Policy Alert 25 September 2015

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