How can your organisation help older people to stay safe? Pledge an action today?

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How can your organisation help older people to stay safe? Pledge an action today?

Age Alliance in  Dudley is calling on all parts of the public sector,  such as council departments, the NHS, Fire Service, Police, ambulance services, youth services, schools, colleges leisure centres and parks to ‘Pledge An Action’ on how they can help to keep older people safe.

Committment to make a ‘pledge’ is also being sought from the voluntary and community organisations as well as the business sector.

Age Alliance in Dudley is a partnership made up of statutory, community and voluntary sector organisations and older people with the aim of improving the lives of older people living and working in Dudley Borough by encouraging a wide range of organisations to make a pledge of action.

There are nearly 59,000 people over the age of 65 in Dudley which is 18% of the total population of the borough. These older people may be  customers, clients, patients, relatives, residents or neighbours. Age Alliance Dudley is calling for organisations across the borough to think about how their work impacts on older people and to develop ways in which they will make a difference over the next 12 months.

To help organisations, Age Alliance have listed a number of areas where orgainsations could make a difference, but they are also keen to hear about what is already planned or underway. Areas could include:

  • Staying Safe at Home – security, lighting, alarms, rogue traders, care agencies
  • Staying Safe whilst Out and About – shopping, carrying money, pavements, street lighting
  • Using public transport, visiting leisure or social facilities, in the car.
  • Staying Safe Mentally – being involved and engaged not isolated.
  • Staying Safe Financially – not in debt, receiving all the benefits/services they are entitled to, the simplification of forms
  • Staying Safe while Accessing Services such as GPs, Dentists, staying in hospital,Fire Service and Police

Pledges must be made by January 22 and returned to Sally Huband (
or  (

Organisations will also be expected to share the outcomes of their pledges at a showcase event on 1 October 2013 Older People’s Day.

Pledge An Action – Age Alliance

For more information please contact Age Alliance in Dudley via Age UK Dudley

  • by email: or or
  • by phone Tel: 01384 354508

The next meeting of Age Alliance in Dudley is on Wednesday 22 January 2014 from 2 to 4 pm at the Dudley Archives Centre, Tipton Road Dudley – next to Black Country Museum.




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