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Hi Everyone

There is so much going on within the Laughter Yoga community this year that I have attached a list of sessions and events.  Some are through ‘Merrie Maggie’ and there are also some through other professionals around the country.

I’m delighted to advise you that there are now two organisations supporting practitioners of Laughter Yoga – I am a member of both:

Laughter Association UK –

Laughter Yoga UK –

Both these organisations support fully qualified Laughter Yoga Leaders, Teachers, Facilitators, Laughter Therapists, Laughter Yoga Masters and Ambassadors within the UK.  Members can only join on production of certificates and insurance.

This is a ‘Comic Relief’ year and I shall be running two Laughter Yoga sessions at Dudley Leisure Centre on Red Nose Day to fundraise for Comic Relief.  It takes place during lunchtime, so take a break and enjoy some ‘belly’ laughter whilst also giving to the worthy causes of Comic Relief!

You have most likely heard of ‘Patch’ Adams who set up the Gesundheit Institute in America.  There is an opportunity to attend a 1-day workshop with him in London on 25 April – see the list for more information.

I also have a 2-day training and a 1-day workshop coming up shortly – please see details on the attached list.

World Laughter Day takes place around the World on Sunday 7 May 2017.  I have been running one of these sessions at Mary Stevens Park for many years now – they are free for everyone.  The reason behind this special day is to promote World Peace through Laughter around the World.  Sessions will be taking place on this day all over the World.

June is the start of the festival season and 2017 National Laughter Week takes place from 4-11 June 2017 all over the UK.  There will be LaughBirmingham – Laughter Flashmob at Victoria Square, Birmingham on Monday, 5 June 2017….It was such fun last year – see poster.  The Laughter Festival takes place from 9-11 June at Cabourne Parva, North Lincolnshire – a fantastic weekend getting away from it all with health and wellbeing being uppermost in the menu of activities.

One 28 October 2017 there will be the Laughter Yoga Open Day at Carrs Lane Conference Centre, Birmingham.  Robin Graham and Lotte Mikkelsen – both Laughter Yoga Ambassadors will be speakers along with others from the Laughter Yoga community.  Professor Anna Whittaker, Professor in Behavioural Medicine will also be a speaker.  Her main research areas are Cardiovascular Stress Reactivity and Ageing, stress, physical activity, nutrition and effects on health and wellbeing.  There will be Laughter Yoga sessions and opportunities to network and look around the ‘Market Place’.

I look forward to meeting, working and laughing with you in the near future and here is a quotation for you: ‘The shortest distance between two people is a smile’.

Merrie giggles

Maggie Thompson 07565 218567

2017 Laughter Yoga Events

24-3-17 Red Nose Day – Dudley Poster

7-5-17 World Laughter Day 2017 Poster – A4

5-6-17 LaughBirmingham

Laughter Yoga Open Day Birmingham 2017 Poster

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