Mindful Gifts CIC publishes ‘Washday Blues’ for people with dementia

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Local community interest company and recent recipient of the Dudley Community Enterprise Fund, Mindful Gifts helps people with dementia to access meaningful activities. They have recently published Wash Day Blues, a poem and picture book reminiscing about what wash days used to be like before we had washing machines.

This is the first book published by Mindful Gifts CIC and would make a perfect gift for anyone who remembers the dolly tubs, wash boards, posh, and flat irons. The book also makes a great reminiscence activity for groups especially for people with dementia and older people.

More information is available from http://www.mindfulgifts.co.uk/ or by emailing Vicki at mindful.gifts@yahoo.com

Vicki Phipps

Mindful Gifts CIC

“Thought about Gifts for cared about people”

Tel 07828 935451 or 01922 495994


Mindful Gifts is a community interest company which means we operate for the benefit of the community and not for personal gain.


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