Muslim Care survey for older people

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The Muslim Care Campaign is carrying out research to find out the needs of older members of the Muslim community in respect of residential/nursing care (long-term care) or respite care (short-term emergency care) specifically catering for the physical/emotional cultural and spiritual needs of loved ones.
They want to hear from older people, carers, family members and the general community. Complete their survey at


  1. The majority of the older members of the Muslim community do not have access to internet. and hence, in order to include this particular group of service users in this research, I think, the researchers need to visit the existing commuinty groups and help them to complete the survey questionnaire. Alternatively, Development Workers who are working with these groups may be able help them to do so. This is just an be taken into consideration.

    • Thank you for your response I will forward on your comments to Muslim Care Campaign.

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