My Journey into Paid Employment.

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My name is Vince Peters,  I have been with Employment Plus since July 2013.  I have come a long way since then.  My main 2 key workers are  Job Coach – Lyndon Rogers and Support Worker – Anthony Hill.  They have changed my life completely.  I can honestly say that they have made me see life in a totally different way.  I have got a voluntary placement and a paid job.  I work as a support assistant for Dudley Advocacy.  I’ve been doing my job with them since the end of February, and I absolutely love it there.  All the staff are very friendly and very supportive.  Its a pleasure to work with them all.  After all there is nothing better than feeling happy and comfortable at work is there?   Through Employment Plus I also do some work experience at Lunch on the Run, and a part time paid job through the support I have received over the past year.



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