New Dignity films from Social Care Institute for Excellence

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Four new films illustrate how care services can support people’s dignity and respect. Produced by SCIE for Social Care TV, the films show dignity in practice and explore some of the key factors that contribute to a caring and respectful experience: choice and control; communication; privacy; and social isolation.

​​One film shows how some young men with learning disabilities who live in a shared house, are supported to live independently. With minimum support they draw up their shopping list, travel to town, budget for and buy food, prepare and cook meals for themselves and their friends.

​The films, which will form part of a series on the key factors that support dignity, will be useful to anyone who provides care and support. For example, care providers can use the films in training. The new CQC inspection regime includes a focus on whether a service is caring – treating people with dignity is identified as one of the key features of a caring service.

​​There will be more films based on other dignity factors in the New Year. SCIE can also provide improvement support to care providers on issues such as dignity.

Source: SCIE e-bulletin 19 November 2014

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