People across Dudley borough can now enjoy a new ‘app’-roach to contacting Dudley Council.

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A new mobile app has been launched which lets people use their phone to send in pictures of potholes, dumped rubbish, faulty street lights and graffiti in order to report issues to the council. And the app also lets council house tenants send in pictures with reports of housing repairs they require.

Dudley Council has launched its new free ‘Dudley Council’ app as part of its Love Your Community campaign.

As well as reporting issues such as litter, anti-social behaviour, potholes, people can also find out latest news and information and even search for new jobs and latest train and bus times on the app.

People can send photographs with their reports of issues and the app pinpoints the exact location of the report and sends the information to the council to respond.

The app is available on the iphone and other smartphones and is free to download from the iphone app store and from the Google Playstore on android phones. People should simply search for Dudley Council to get the app on their phone.

The app is part of the council’s Looking Local service which also allows residents to contact the council via their television sets from the comfort of their living room. People with Sky and Virgin can use the Looking Local service on their television to find out latest news and report issues to the council.


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