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In December 2013, Dudley CIL (Centre for inclusive living) received a grant from the West Midlands police and crime commissioner’s office to run a training day about hate crime against disabled people. We learned what makes a crime a hate crime, how to report it and who to report it to and how to respond to what is happening.


Attendees included: disabled people of all ages, the police, officers from the council, the assistant PCC and councillors.


The event which was held at insight house was delivered by Liverpool based Daisy Inclusive UK and was a great success and was enjoyed by all.


If you want to report a hate crime call 101 or 999 if you feel that you are in danger. A hate crime is any crime which is motivated by your disability, race, nationality, religion, sex, sexual preference or orientation.


You can also report the incident to a non-police organisation called a 3rd party reporting centre such as DudleyCIL. for a list of centres in Dudley borough contact Dudley Council plus on 0300-555-2345 or .uk you can also go to and find  information there or report issues.


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