Switch – Young People’s Drug & Alcohol Service in Dudley

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Switch is a young people’s drug and alcohol service in Dudley. We are a free and confidential service and here to support young people with any choices they wish to make about their substance use. Switch appreciates that stopping can be hard so the friendly team will meet young people in places that are suitable for them to set goals that are realistic and achievable.

If you would like further information or wish to discuss any concerns with the team call 01384 241440 or email switchdudley@cranstoun.org.uk.

Switch has produced a short video to be used as a discussion point with young people. This video shows  the story of Shannon, her friends and parties that people can’t stop talking about……except Shannon.  So let’s see why Shannon is missing out… You can access it on you tube or if you require a copy please contact Switch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZmfCU5q6KA

Source: Dudley CCG Engagement Newsletter December 2014 edition


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