The Health Check UK Report from Aviva

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According to a recent report from the Aviva Group over 65s are the happiest.  Surveying 2,000 UK adults, the report will track health trends in exercise, diet, illness and general well-being particularly:

  • Health by age, health by generation and health by body type
  • Health ambitions – how can the UK improve mental health for its citizens?
  • Perceptions and reality – body image, and the effects of ‘culture’ on women’s health
  • How stresses and anxiety are being managed by our nation as a whole.

In addition to older 65s being the happiest the report claims that :

  • half of the population is classified as overweight or obese according to their BMI? There is also a clear north/south issue.
  • Did you know just 52% of the population believe they’re in good health? The report looks at the reasons why 77% of people in poor health say they’re unhappy.
  • 25% of our population do not eat a single daily portion of fruit or vegetables? 



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