The one about Building Community Capacity

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A revolution in system leadership

The Local Government Association (LGA) has published some guidance and stories from places using “system leadership” – an approach that uses the assets and talents of staff and people who use services to drive social care transformation.  Alongside that they have published an evaluation of the approach by the University of the West of England.  Please click on link below for report:

The Revolution will be improvised (Part II) and The Difference that makes the Difference: Local Government Association

Keeping the community fit with Green Gyms

Keeping fit and improving the environment might not seem like an obvious combination, but Green Gyms is a project that brings them together.  This is an award winning scheme that Nesta and the Cabinet Office are supporting across the country.  Please click on link below for details:

Health by Stealth and long lasting friendships – what Green Gyms are calling the butterfly effect

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