LEAP Over 50 Project Picture Safari

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Over the last few months we have been asked many times by a number of people ‘When is the next Picture Safari?’.

Well … I am happy to announce that it is now here!

To help raise funds for Age UK Dudley we are running this particular walk/event as a fundraiser. 

As always I am making it a little different to previous Picture Safaris to keep you on your toes, as well as adding a couple of extra bits – the only clue I am giving away at this point is:

photos, clues, questions and challenges.

Also a camera (camera phone) will be needed, one per group will do.  Don’t worry it’s all in the name of a bit of fun.

Book your place now – please note if you do not book on we will not be able to accept you on the walk.

Myself and the Health and Wellbeing Team look forward to seeing you there!!

Sam Mullett, Age UK Dudley

Picture Safari June 18


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