New Support for Carers leaflet released

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In line with carers week, Dudley Council are taking the opportunity to release a new ‘Support for carers in Dudley’ leaflet.


The leaflet aims to help carers understand the advice, support and practical help available to them in the borough, in a clear and accessible style.


The booklet, released by adult social care and support team, explains what is meant by ‘a carer’ and the carers rights defined by the Care Act 2014.


New information detailing carers assessments and how to request one, how to receive support and the forms of support that are available are also included.


The fifteen page leaflet also details information of the eligibility criteria for carers support, as well as useful contact details for carers.


Targeted at all forms of carers, information is provided for parent carers of disabled children, young carers and elderly carers.


Councillor Dave Branwood, cabinet member for adult social care said:

“We hope that this leaflet will be both accessible and useful to those who need it.”


“The information that we are giving out aims to be easy to understand, but well informed.”


“We hope that this leaflet will encourage more carers to understand their needs, as well as the support they can receive from Dudley Council.”


“It seemed fitting to release the leaflet in conjunction with carers week, when the recognition of carers and their work is at an all time high.”


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