Press Release: A shop that is rolling back memories!

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Press Release: A shop that is rolling back memories!

A shop that is set in the past is proving to be a huge success for helping people to bring back forgotten memories. Mindful Gifts CIC opened their shop exactly one year ago in Church Street, Darlaston and has proven to be as huge success in provoking visitors to tell their stories whilst they see many items they have not seen for a long period of time! The 1950s themed shop contains a traditional sweet shop, grocery stores, living room, scullery and flea market. Not only is there a lots of items to look at, there are also gift ideas and customers can enjoy a cup of tea and cake served out of best china!  

Founder, Vicki Phipps said “Mindful Gifts CIC specialises in dementia. However, the shop is not just benefitting people with memory problems, as most people will remember something in the shop they had originally forgotten about. Comments we hear include; “it’s just like walking it Grandma’s house” and “My mom always wore a wraparound apron, just like that!” When people smell the carbolic soap, we then get all sorts of stories of how they were scrubbed in the tin bath with it or it was used to scrub the shirt collars and even school toilets!”

Mindful Gifts CIC shop can be found at 1 Church Street, Darlaston, Walsall, WS10 8DS. Contact 01922 495994, email


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