Remember to choose well over Christmas – message from Dudley CCG

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Remember to choose well over Christmas – message from Dudley CCG

The public are being encouraged to choose their health services wisely over the Christmas and New Year period.

Here in Dudley we have a range of NHS services available to help with a variety of illnesses and injuries including pharmacies, GP practices, out-of-hours services, NHS111 and walk-in centres.

With the many services that are available, it can be confusing to decide where the best place is to be treated.  Below are some examples of conditions that you might experience at Christmas and where to go for advice and treatment.

1. Cold & flu: Self care at home.  If you’re feeling a little run down after too many late nights, you may be more susceptible to a cold. Take pain-relieving paracetamol, stay well hydrated and rest.

2. An itchy rash on your skin: Pharmacy.  Allergic reaction to that new aftershave you got for Christmas?  Pharmacists will be able to assess a rash and provide you with medication to help alleviate your symptoms.  To find your nearest pharmacist, visit

3. Stomach ache: GP.  Over-indulgence and eating lots of rich food over the festive period may lead to indigestion.  Your pharmacist will be able to provide indigestion remedies, but if your stomach ache persists, your GP will be able to advise you of the best course of investigation and treatment.

4. A cut to your finger: Walk-in centre.  Be extra careful using a very sharp knife to carve your Christmas turkey, but if you do cut yourself and it is fairly deep and bleeding, visit your walk-in centre or minor injuries unit where they will be able to advise and treat you if necessary.  To find your nearest walk-in centre, visit

5. Sprains & strains: Walk-in centre, self care at home or GP.  Rushing around on icy pavements to do your last-minute Christmas shopping can lead to slips and trips.  Take care and wear supportive, flat boots or shoes if you venture out in ice or snow.  If you do fall and sprain your ankle or wrist, you can visit a walk-in centre for assessment, rest at home, or make an appointment to see your GP.

Our free Choose Well app is also available to download for iPhones and Androids for information about your nearest GP, walk-in centre, dentist, pharmacist and A&E department wherever you are in Dudley.

To find the App search Choose Well West Midlands

For more information on Choose Well go to

For more information contact Lindsey Harding on 01384 321677 or


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