Switch and save on energy bills

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Switch and save on energy bills

Residents can sign up to Dudley Council’s Big Switch and save up to £500 a year on their home energy bills – Register by 10 February.

The council-run Big Switch has been running for several years and growing in popularity as a result of the great savings that can be made on home gas and electricity bills. 

Energy bill savings of up to £500 a year are typically made when registering for the Big Switch and market leading deals are on offer, not available elsewhere.

With gas and electricity bills on the rise and research indicating that people are reluctant to switch because they find it too confusing, the Big Switch is the perfect solution. Part of a national government initiative, the Big Switch scheme sees councils coming together and taking part in a collective energy switching auction. By joining together they are able to get the very best energy deals through the power of bulk buying.

Households on a standard variable tariff are likely to see significant savings through the Big Switch. Suggestions are that the energy prices will continue to rise throughout this year, so it’s well worth getting the very best deal possible.

To register with Dudley’s Big Switch, visit the council’s website – www.dudley.gov.uk/bigswitch.  Alternatively people can register simply and easily by calling Dudley Council Plus on 0300 555 2345, they will then be guided through the simple process. They will need to have their current tariff details and fuel usage (shown on their most recent bill) to hand.

This auction will run until 10 February and then people will have the option of switching energy supplier to the company offering the very best deal. There is however no obligation to switch.

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