Wellbeing through Laughter

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How do you feel when you smile? A warm, inner glow perhaps.  Does the feeling intensify when you laugh?  When you are with other people who are laughing, it becomes contagious as it becomes a shared experience.  It feels good, doesn’t it.  It’s very difficult to feel anger when you are laughing.  In general everyday situations we may only laugh for a number of seconds at a time, but in Laughter Yoga Maggie Thompson (Merrie Maggie) does laughter exercises (based on everyday activities) combined with deep breathing that lasts minutes.  In fact, laughter for 10-minutes a day is recommended to help bring about the health benefits that result.  Such as:


  • More energy
  • More optimistic
  • Heightened mood
  • Positive outlook
  • Confidence
  • Joyfulness

Through the combined activity of laughter and deep breathing, the body sends messages to the brain that then releases Endorphins around the body – the ‘feel-good’ sensation we feel when we laugh.  This boosts our immune system resulting in real health benefits, particularly in combating the effects of stress.

Forthcoming event:

6 June 2016 – Laugh England Day (Part of a week-long laughter festival) – Plans are being made to hold a 30-minute session in Birmingham city centre.  Please click on below link for further details:

See:  http://www.merriemaggie.co.uk/blog/exciting-times-ahead/



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